Accreditation of Service and Repair Shops
The DTI-NCR is tasked to regulate and control the operation of service and repair shops in Metro Manila. They prescribe the basic essential requirements of setting-up these shops, measure the capacity of service offered, and accredit the enterprises, which have complied with the requirements. Also, the Agency regularly monitors the condition, practices, and facilities affecting the operation of the firms to protect and safeguard of the public against unethical, unfair, and incompetent practice of service and repair shops.

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Business Name Registration

A business name is a name used in business transactions other than true names of persons/judicial entities. DTI-NCR regulates the requirements and procedures needed in registering a business name.

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Consumer Assistance
As a whole, the DTI highlights the importance of consumer welfare. It regulates policies that protect the rights of the consumers via different methods. DTI-NCR makes sure that the provisions in these policies/laws are effective. The consumer assistance service implemented by DTI-NCR, in coordination with the Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection (BTRCP) include information dissemination, regular monitoring of establishments, and complaints handling.

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Licenses and Permits
Regulation of issuing licenses and permits maintain the quality standards of business practices. DTI-NCR handles the processing of the application. It sees to it that authenticate requirements are submitted, in accordance to the type of license or permit applied for. Having legal steps in acquiring
business licenses guarantees consumers of legitimate and valid transactions.

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Product Standards

The government has several responsibilities when it comes to consumer welfare, one of which is assuring the public of quality products. DTI-NCR, with the policy guidance of the Bureau of Product Standards (BPS), implements and monitors programs, which are aimed to maintain product standards.

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Sales Promotion Permits
Issuing sales promotion permits is one of the services that DTI-NCR handles, in coordination with the BTRCP. The regional office evaluates and processes nationwide sales promotion applications in Metro Manila. It also assures the fairness, truthfulness, and transparency of the declaration of winners, depending on the form of the sales promo, by acting as witness to the procedures in determining the recipient of a particular prize.

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