Directory of Business Development Services (BDS) Providers

This publication is a compilation of existing business development services provided by private organizations and academic institutions in support of the growth and development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).  The directory is published to assist potential and existing entrepreneurs in accessing various forms of assistance to help increase their productivity and enhance their competitiveness.

Click here to download the 2011 Directory of BDS Providers.

A handbook that guides would-be entrepreneurs on the process flow of starting a small business, the risks and rewards of going into business, and tips on writing a business plan. It also provides the likely requirements in registering with the various government institutions. The handbook is available in English and Filipino version.
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Programs and Services for MSMEs Handbook

A compilation of programs and services being offered by government, private sector agencies, academic institutions, micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) organizations - all geared towards the development and promotion of MSMEs. This Handbook provides a brief description of each agency, its objectives, as well as key information on how to avail of its services.

The agencies are grouped according to the prime components related to MSME development: technology/production, marketing, training, regulatory/incentive and institutional development.

Directories of business assistance centers (BAC), chambers of commerce, regional and provincial offices the Department of Trade and Industry, economic zones, Foreign Trade Service Corps (FTSC), Government Financing Institutions (GFIs) and trade associations are also provided.

Click here the Programs and Services for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Handbook.

Financing Programs for MSMEs Handbook

This handbook aims to increase the Filipino entrepreneur’s awareness on sources of funding available from government and private sector institutions and encourage access to these facilities based on the capabilities of the enterprise. This menu of financial services will hopefully develop and strengthen the ability of MSMEs to better manage their operational activities and possibly embolden them to cater to areas beyond their traditional markets.

Click here the Financing Programs for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Handbook.

Glossary of Business Terms and Concepts Handbook

A compilation of more than 1,300 business terms that have been organized and cross-referenced for the convenience of its users. This handbook will be helpful in dealing with the plethora of new terms that have been minted to capture the dynamic nature of today’s business environment.

Click here the Glossary of Business Terms and Concepts for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Handbook.


Directory of Common Service Facilities Handbook

This directory provides vital information on existing common service facilities nationwide which SMEs may tap to help increase their output and boost their competitiveness. The scope of services covered includes:

-- Machinery and equipment
-- Raw materials procurement
-- Product research development and quality control
-- Storage/Warehousing
-- Trade consolidation and provision of display centers
-- Business incubation services
-- Skills training
-- Other services

Particularly, this directory contains the name of the facility, its location, the name of its owner/contact person, the services offered, equipment provided by the facility, and sectors serviced.

Click here the Directory of Common Service Facilities Handbook.

Catalog of Information Materials for MSMEs

Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) obtain valuable information from various sources and in varied forms. While databases and information materials have already been developed by government agencies, business organizations, and the academe, these may not be readily obtainable. There could be several reasons for the inaccessibility of these information, one of which is the lack of materials or facilities that will help MSMEs, researchers, as well as policymakers find these information.

 This “Catalog of Information Materials for MSMEs” hopes to provide entrepreneurs, researchers, and policy-makers with a compendium of information materials that can be used as guides in addressing their various needs. The information materials are presented according to their use: start-up tools, marketing, technology/production, human resource, finance, studies, and information services. Relevant websites are also listed.

2007 State of Sector Reports

These handbooks provide an updated information on the status of the following sectors: 1. costume jewelry, 2. fine jewelry, 3. footwear, 4. furniture, 5. holiday decor, and 6. houseware. These reports will help the firms in the industry as well as other government agencies and interested parties understand existing conditions in the industry and assist in the proper development of the sector.

Information contained in these reports include global market, sectoral profile, value chain analysis, needs assessment, and a proposed strategic direction for the industry.

If you want to have a copy for the 2007 State of Sector Reports, email us at bmsmed@dti.gov.ph.

Usapang Pera: Mga Dapat Alamin

The Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) Guidebook on Basic Banking and Financial Transactions (Usapang Pera: Mga Dapat Alamin), serves as an easy to read reference guide and a financial literacy tool for everyone for understanding banking products and transactions. The basic principles of money, saving, banking investments, and deposit insurance are discussed to guide the Filipino in making well-informed and effective financial decisions. This Guidebook is intended to help the depositor discern differences in risks and return on various banking products.

This guidebook is a publication of the PDIC which serves as a functional memento for its 50 years of service in deposit insurance, depositor protection and its role in the maintenance of financial stability.

To download a copy of the handbook, click here or visit their website: www.pdic.gov.ph

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