Sales Promotion
  • Is there a need to apply for a DTI permit for a fundraising activity to be conducted by an organization/church?
No. Such activity is under the jurisdiction of the DSWD.
  • Is there a need to secure a DTI Permit for instant/in-store promotions?
A DTI Permit will only have to be secured if the promotion will be advertised. (i.e. flyers, TV/Radio Commercial, posters, etc.)
  • How do we validate a sales promo we receive through text?
Verify the Sales Promo Permit Number by clicking here.
  • Can a company change the prize/award given during sales promotions?
No. Whatever is disclosed on the mechanics should be followed.
  • Can prizes be transferred or converted to cash?
Prizes in the form of foreign or domestic trips with or without accommodations and scholarships shall either be transferable or converted to cash. In such cases, the cash equivalent of the prize shall be disclosed in the sales promotion campaign announcements, publications and advertisements.
  • Can prizes, premium or benefit under a sales promotion campaign be reduced in quality and quantity?
No. Reduction in quality and quantity in the products, services, prizes, premium or benefits under a sales promotion is strictly prohibited. 
  • In a price reduction promotion with a period, is the use of the phrase “while supplies last” allowed?
No. The sponsor shall be liable throughout the duration of the promo, whether or not the supply of the products has been depleted.
  • What are the guaranties, warranties and remedies available to consumers under a sales promotion campaign?
Buyers of products and services sold under a sales promotion, as well as winners, with reference to their prizes shall enjoy the same guaranties, warranties and remedies provided for under RA 7394 or the Consumer Act of the Philippines and other pertinent laws. 
  • I bought a product on sale and later found out that it is defective. When I demanded for replacement, the store told me that they will exchange it but I would have to pay for it in its regular price. Is the company allowed to do this?
No. When a product is defective, it will have to be replaced without additional charge on the consumer.

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Information on how to apply for a Sales Promotion Permit can be found here.
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