• PHL merchandise exports seen to grow by double digits in 2017

      10 January 2018 also published in Business Mirror PHILIPPINE merchandise exports are projected to grow double digits in 2017, with the expected sustained positive performance of major electronics and nonelectronics sectors in November and December. The positive performance of six out of nine subsectors of the electronics industry—Semiconductors, Office Equipment, Communication/Radar, Consumer Electronics, Electronic Data Processing and Control and Instrumentation—is expected to contribute to the projected double-digit full-year export growth. Similarly, exports of nonelectronic goods, such as Forest Products, Mineral Products, Footwear, Coconut Products, Sugar Products, Textile Yarns/Fabrics, and Furniture and Fixtures, are projected to sustain their significant growths in the next two...

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    • DTI-EMB set to release PHL export guidebook in Feb

      10 January 2018 also published in Business Mirror THE Export Marketing Bureau (EMB) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is set to release in February the new and revised Philippine Export Guidebook. The guidebook is a user-friendly tool that serves as an assurance of the DTI’s commitment to help micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) become globally competitive through export. This year, the EMB designed the guidebook with the MSMEs in mind—keeping it practical and straightforward, with the hopes of answering the initial questions about export processes in the Philippines. The MSME sector is key in attaining the Philippines’s export targets because not only do they comprise 99.5 percent of Philippine businesses; they are also a great source of creativity and innovation, which are...

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    • DTI-EMB expands conduct of PECP for 2018

      10 January 2018 also published in Business Mirror THE Export Marketing Bureau (EMB) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is set to expand its Philippine Export Competitiveness Program (PECP) for 2018, as it partners with more DTI regional and provincial offices, Negosyo Centers, local government units and private-sector organizations like PhilExport and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Through an enhanced cooperation with public and private stakeholders, EMB’s PECP program seeks to develop the capabilities of exporters, support organizations and all stakeholders alike. The PECP is EMB’s umbrella undertaking that seeks to boost the competitive stance of domestic manufacturers and exporters through seminars, information sessions  and activities that give them...

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    • TradeNet in prep stage for launch by midyear 2018

      10 January 2018 by PHILEXPORT News and Features also published in Business Mirror THE software for the Philippine government’s online trade-facilitation portal, TradeNet, has been delivered and is now undergoing procedures in preparation for going live in July 2018. The TradeNet software was delivered by the Department of Information and Communications Technology to the Department of Finance (DOF) last December 15, said a reliable PortCalls source from the finance department, which spearheads the project. Since it will be a globally available system, the software will be subjected to comprehensive security-hardening processes for at least 60 days, said the source, who is involved in the project. Hardening helps minimize security vulnerabilities by eliminating as many security risks as...

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    • India, a huge consumer market of fresh produce

      by PHILEXPORT News and Features 10 January 2018 also posted on Business Mirror PHILIPPINE businesses need to consider the enormous opportunities offered by India, which is becoming the world’s largest consumer market of fresh produce. Euromonitor Digest, a monthly online publication of the Department of Trade and Industry’s Export Marketing Bureau, said healthy living, coupled with population growth and government initiative, supports positive growth forecast of fresh food. “With a growing population, demand for fresh food has been increasing in India, and this trend is expected to continue even in the forecast period. Consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of healthy living in a hectic world and the importance of consuming fresh, unadulterated produce that supplement their...

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