The Foreign Trade Service Corps (FTSC) aims to promote Philippine trade and investment worldwide. As part of the Department of Trade and Industry’s International Trade Group, they connect trading businesses of Philippine companies and foreign investors with their counterparts.

This task is primarily carried out by professionals called commercial attaches or commercial counselors who man their respective posts abroad. As of today, FTSC is present in 26 posts in 19 countries in Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Asia and the Pacific. 

As the DTI’s frontline movers in the theater of international commerce, the FTSC is primarily tasked to promote Philippine exports and investments, gather of commercial intelligence, and assist in bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations.
Trade Promotion (Export)
The goal is not just to explore and promote the export potential of Philippine products and services abroad, it’s also facilitating a match between the Philippine exporters and buyers in different markets. Direct support is given to overseas and private sectors. These include in-store promotions, catalogue shows and campaigns with foreign businesspersons. Trade missions to and from the Philippines are also organized to further promote business relations. 

Investment Promotion
Being a prime investment site, we participate in investment missions where we introduce foreign investors to Philippine businessmen who are open to increasing capital as well as members of trade or industry associations and chambers of commerce. Once potential and prospective investors (including Overseas Filipino Investors) are identified, investment advice and counseling are provided to them.  

Commercial Intelligence
Market research is conducted for specific Philippine products while developments and changes in the host countries’ trade rules and regulations are monitored. Commercial, industrial, and general economic conditions affecting Philippine products are gathered and tracked for up-to-date news to be fed to local companies. Information in the form of commercial intelligence is also gathered for the benefit of government and industry sectors, including micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) not only in the Metropolitan Manila area but also in the northern and southern regions in the country.  

Trade Negotiation
Trade policy provides the institutional setting within which trade and investment relations take place. Issues in host countries that affect trade and investment interests in the Philippines are immediately given a recommended course of action to harness their impact on our ability to trade and do business. At the same time, there is keen participation in trade and economic engagements including the negotiation, conclusion, and implementation of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with our trading partners. 

Services to Overseas Filipinos
Potential Overseas Filipino Investors are given trade and investment information and advice. This will assist them should they decide to venture on investing or becoming entrepreneurs in the Philippines. 

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