• The Belgians are coming!

      FEBRUARY 14, 2017 By Jose Antonio Buencamino / Commercial Counselor, Philippine Trade and Investment Center-(PTIC)-Brussels & Jeoffrey Houvenaeghel / Trade Assistant, PTIC-Brussels IF plans push through, a Belgian business mission will be coming to town in the first quarter of 2017.  It will not be a huge delegation accompanied by high officials and ministers and led by Belgian royalty—like the last that came some 20 years ago, and the first that graced the... Read more

    • The European Union—A strong economic partner of the Philippines

      NOVEMBER 29, 2016 By Jose Antonio Buencamino / Foreign Trade Service Corps / Department of Trade and Industry THE European Union (EU) is the largest single market and trader in the world. It is a €12.6-trillion economy, larger than the United States (€11.5 trillion), China (€4.6 trillion) and Japan (€4.2 trillion) in 2015.  Its strong market position is achieved by its 28 member-states acting as a single voice on the global stage, resulting in a position where the EU currently... Read more

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