Deadline of Application: 15 March 2018

Item No. : OSEC-DTIB-TRIDA-58-1998
SG : 11-1
Basic Salary Rate : Php20,179.00/month
Office of Assignment : Regional Office, Iloilo City

Qualification Standards:

Education : Bachelor's degree relevant to the job
Experience : None
Training : None
Eligibility : Career Service Professional/ Second Level Eligibility

Job Description
Under immediate supervision, assists in planning, executes and assists in evaluating programs, projects and activities; provides consultancy and extension services to clients; assists in the development and sustenance of strategic linkages both private and government to mobilize broad-based support for DTI policies and participation in DTI programs and activities; gathers, consolidates and conducts preliminary analysis of trade and industry-related data; performs jobs that may be assigned from time to time and does other related work.

Competencies Required
• Business Acumen
Understanding and utilizing economic, fmancial, and industry data to accurately diagnose Bureau's/Office's operations, strengths and weaknesses, identifying key issues, and developing strategies and plans.
• Technical/Professional Knowledge
Having achieved a satisfactory level oftechnical and professional skill or knowledge in position-related areas; keeping up with current developments and trends in areas of expertise.
• Customer Focus
Making customers and their needs a primary focus of one's actions; developing and sustaining productive customer relationships.
• Engagement Readiness
Demonstrating a willingness to commit to one's work and to invest one's time, talent, and best efforts in accomplishing organizational goals.
• Decision Making
Identifying and understanding issues, problems, and opportunities, comparing data from different sources to draw conclusions, using effective approaches for choosing a course of action or developing appropriate solutions; taking action that is consistent with available facts, constraints, and probable consequences.
This office highly encourage interested and qualified applicants regardless of age, school, gender, civil status, disability, religion, ethnicity, social status, income class, paternity and filiation, political affiliation, or other similar factors/personal circumstances which run counter to the principles of merit, fitness for the job, and equal opportunity.
Applicants should signify interest in writing. Attach the following documents to the application letter and hand in or send through a courier to the address below not later than 15 March 2018. Applicants with complete requirements and who met the competency-based qualification standards shall be advised accordingly and shall undergo a written examination.
Requirements for Evaluation
1. Application Letter
2. Updated CSC Form 212 or Personal Data Sheet (Revised 2017) or Comprehensive resume with picture with list of trainings attended and relevant experience.
3. Photocopy of Transcript of Records and Diploma
4. Photocopy of Board Rating/CS Eligibility rating
5. Photocopy of Training Certificates
5. Performance ratings for the last 2 semesters (for DTI applicants only)
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