As the Christmas season draws near, holiday lights are in demand to add joy to the season. However, precautionary measures have to be made as a number of Christmas may have not met the standards when it comes to safety, durability etc.

In lieu of this, the department has released the updated list of Valid ICC & PS for Christmas Lights on the market. Here is a sample:

Company Name Brand Name  Quantity Types Covered Bil of Lading No. ICC Number Issue Date ICC Sticker Serial
Cargoaid Import Services CRATO 52,195 pcs C-15-100L GOSUZSH0032435 7589/1215 4/12/2016 F0870555-F1392498
Chrismore Trading LUCK Deer 79,870 pcs 100L Rise Light, 100L Ordinary
Light, 160L & 320L Net Light,
SOL & 200L, 300L & 400L
96L & 120L,
Garden Light, 32L Diamond
light, 28L Ornamental Light ,
100L LED Light Ordinary
YMLUI231015798 1304/0514 5/21/2014 U4762706-U5561399
DSL Gam Enterprises DSLGAM 28,550 pcs 100 LED (White) & 100 LED (Warm White) NGBMNS046447 3071/1014 10/14/2014 G8545440-G8830931
Golden Seasons Corporation GOLDEN SEASONS 173,729 pcs 100 Normal Bulb w/ end
Golden Seasons
connector, 100 Rice lights w/ end 
GOLDEN SEASONS 173,729 pes connector, 100 LED fights w/ end & connector, 100 LED lights w/ 
controller & end connector
SITNBMNG405452 4953/0815 8/17/2015 18717418-19999994 & J0000011-J0454700
Great Circles Trading AKO 162,000 pcs 84L XMAS LIGHTS, 90L RICE LIGHTS, 40L & 100L LED LIGHTS NGBMNL026716 3125/0913 9/19/2013 Y7855094-Y9475083
lkhea Lightings, Inc. E.T. 70,288 sets

15L, 35L SOL, 100L & 140L



SNL2NBPPLA420035 3090/0913 9/17/2013 Y0695505-Y1398371
lndigoglobal, Inc. AURALED 19,995 pcs 100 LEOs with 8 function controller 712300061635 3898/1113 11/2112013 F8223364-F8423300
Madison International Sales LAMPE 1,000 pcs 100L Series SITNBMSG101214D 293910913 912/2013 VSS14922-VSS24912
Magdamed Trading JF 61,280 cartons SOL Baby Breath, 72L LED Light, SOL Rice Light, 100L LED Light SITNBMNG4105S2 3346/1014 11/3/2014 IS045197-18657983

 A more comprehensive list can be found here:

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