• Mentor Me Graduate Aims To Duplicate Thirsty’s Success

        A LOCAL entrepreneur is aiming to duplicate what Cebuano businessman Bunny Pages’ fruit shake business, Thirsty, has attained. Terence Neil Padrique, 38, is the owner of The Lemon Co., a one-year-old business venture he started in May 2015. He now has six stalls in three different malls in Cebu and Mandaue cities, producing and selling fresh, manually-pressed lemonades. Padrique said he aims to expand his business further by penetrating big universities and business centers in Cebu where his...

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    • Chitang’s Torta Goes Beyond Argao

        In the past, a small bakery was only good where it was located. Today, going digital is breaking that mold. The story of Chitang’s Torta, a household name in the town of Argao, is one of the many success stories. The late Anecita “Chitang” Camello started it in the 1980s, being the first to commercialize the family tradition of torta-making. But Chitang died in 2007 at the age of 70, and so her son Irvin, an electronics and communications (ECE) engineer, decided to continue her legacy. It was an...

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